Dear Partner,

As a result of the Royal Decree 958/2020 on commercial communication for gambling activities, on 1st May 2021 a new set of regulations affecting communication in the sector is coming into force. 

To reflect the new rules, we will introduce the following changes on AdmiralBet: 

  • We will introduce new Terms and Conditions that we would like you to read carefully via the following link; 
  • We will replace existing affiliation banners with a new, compliant banner on 30th April. The replacement will not impact tracking and commission; 
  • We will implement a redirect of existing affiliation links to new, compliant pages on 30th April. The redirect will not impact tracking and commission; 
  • We will stop communicating welcome offers to new clients. We request that Partners such as yourself do the same to avoid any unwanted consequences; 
  • We will request affiliates to be compliant with the new regulatory system; 
  • In accordance with Article 23 paragraph 1 letter b) of the Royal Decree 958/2020 on commercial communications for gambling activities, commercial communications can be only be shared through affiliates if affiliates have mechanisms to prevent access by minors in place, and if they periodically disseminate messages about responsible gaming. We would like to know how these two conditions will be fulfilled after the 1st May. Please note that if you fail to provide such information to us, we shall deem that you do not fulfill any of these requirements. If we deem that you do not satisfactorily fulfill any of these requirements, we reserve the right to terminate the contractual relationship with you after the 1st May, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. 


As always, we are looking forward to continuing our valuable collaboration. 

Kind regards,