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We have provided a list of useful question and answers in order to have all the information you need at your disposal. However if you feel that you still don’t have the answer you are looking for, then please contact your account manager.


Do I have to agree to any terms to become a partner?
Yes. We ask that you take your time and go through the terms and understand them prior becoming a partner. You can find our terms on our ‘Terms’ page in the menu bar.
Which countries do you accept players from?
As our brand is focused on Spain, we ask that your focus of initiatives is on this territory. However, it is also recommended to liaise with your account manager in this regard as time to time this can possibly update.
How long does it take to receive an answer from an account manager or for general inquiries?
We strive to answer as soon as possible and never later than 2 business days from the time of your inquiry. However, we do ask that you take into consideration public holidays and weekends.
What Commission deals do you offer?
There are 3 types of commission deals: CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), Revenue Share and Hybrid deals. Each has a variety of criteria which a deal can be based on and the amount that would be rewarded to partners. Below are the definitions:

CPA: This is a one-time occurrence for payment toward a referred player. It is typically based on an action of a referred player, be it a registration, or even a new player who has staked an amount of money toward a particular game type. Once the criteria are met, then the partner is awarded an amount of money for that action based on the commission reward amount set for it. There are several configurations of commission criteria, which are all well-explained in the rate card that is assigned to you.

Revenue Share: This is a percentage-based commission deal of the revenue generated from the referred players. There are certain deductions that are applied after the generated revenue, after which the percentage basis is applied and the amount of commission is awarded to the partner. For a break-down of the Revenue Share calculations, please see the ‘How is Revenue Share commission calculated?’ entry further below. We also have revenue share deals associated with a game type or in general, and may at times include a cut-off date of a stipulated time frame. There are several configurations of commission criteria, which are all well-explained in the rate card that is assigned to a partner.

Hybrid: This is a combination of both CPA and Revenue Share simultaneously applied to a partners’ referred player’s actions. This commission deal is only available to long-standing partners who have provided good ongoing business. Here too, are several configurations towards commission criteria, which are all well-explained in the rate card that is assigned to you.

How will I know what my commission deal is?
Unless discussed and agreed in advanced, a partner is set with a default deal that can be seen within the ‘My campaign’ section of your account. Partners are able to discuss commission deals with their account manager and find a fit that is of mutual agreement. All commission deal discussions are advised to be communicated in written format via email to safe guard both the partner and the account manager.

Once within our partner programme your deal is listed and has all the criteria listed for your perusal. This is clearly outlined, but should you have any doubt, then please contact your account manager for clarification of what the deal consists of.

How is Revenue Share commission calculated?

Revenue Share Commission is calculated as follows:

Revenue* – Converted Bonus Money – Tax – Handling fee = Net Margin.

This will then equal the Net Margin of which the Revenue Share deal percentage is based on.

*Revenue – The Revenue that will be counted towards the revenue share is only from revenue that is generated by players who are tagged with the respective revenue share rate card. Revenue from other deal types do not contribute to this. Revenue generated for the period from possibly two different Revenue Share deals are treated respectively and not solely to one or the other unless agreed and configured in this manner.

How is Revenue generated from a referred player?
Casino, Slots and Video Bingo: Revenue is based on an Estimated Gross Revenue where the operator takes a fixed % amount being staked into a game and applies the Return To Player (RTP) of all slot games.

Benefits for this type of revenue model are that Jackpot winners or winners in general do not hinder affiliate commission. It is also purely based on stake and not based on additional factors like deposits, payouts etc.

Example: €1.00 staked on the Book or Ra Deluxe slot, which has a 95% RTP. The revenue is then €0.05c.

Sports: Revenue is based on Stakes (bet amount) – Winnings. The revenue is present after the end of the bet slip the referred player made.


What is a campaign?
A campaign is where you create a link in order to track the progress of the amount of referred players brought in from any online marketing initiatives to attract players.  Each campaign will have a unique identifier so we can monitor every campaign created.
Are there limits to the number of campaigns that can be created?
No. You can create as many campaigns as you need. Campaign tracking also do not expire, it is only if a commission deal type that may have a cut-off time frame.
Where and how do I create campaigns?
This is done within the’ Campaigns’ section in your account. There will fields to fill in your requirements along with drop down selections. Once you are happy with your selections, simply press the create button and then you will be able to extract the link/code for your use. From there you will then be able to see how the campaign progresses once traffic is being sent to the link.
Do you offer pixel tracking?
Yes. This can be implemented on registration, confirmation emails and depositing player events. We are also able to apply placeholder tags that give information concerning the pixel.
If I have more than one website or online channel, do I need to create multiple campaigns?
That is completely up to you. We offer reporting and statistics for each campaign. So if you want to monitor performance of each marketing initiative you can create a campaign based on that.
Is there any way to reduce the amount of work needed which is connected to having many sites?
We offer ‘SubId’, which is also known as ‘dynamic parameters’. This enables you to create a single campaign and have an additional parameter at the end of the campaign link. This parameter can be dynamic, allowing partners to place coding of their preference to reference certain aspects which can then be monitored and represented in their own reporting.

Marketing Material

How do I get banners from you and place them on my site?
During the process of creating a campaign a partner has the ability to choose a banner to correspond with what the partner would like to promote. Should the partner opt for a banner, a choice of one or more banners will be available for selection. Once the partner chooses the preferred banner the partner will then be presented with the html code to place on their site. This html code embeds the graphic and the landing page link together which then displays the banner as intended and tracks the activity generated from the banner.
Am I able to create my own banners or material?

Generally no, this is not allowed. However, as stated in our terms there is the possibility for the permission to be obtained, but written confirmation must be given from the account manager after reviewing each of the said personally created marketing material.


How often campaign statistics and reporting are updated?
This is done every 24 hours between midnight and 2:00am GMT+1.
Do you offer SubID and reporting for it?

Yes. Once a partner is using the SubID parameter and sending traffic towards it, they can extract reporting. This is found in the ‘Reports’ section of your account and by running the SubID report. You can extract this in CSV, PDF, Excel and other formats.

My Revenue Share deal was recently increased by 5% but does not seem to show this yet. Why is that?

When a new deal is applied (not just for Revenue Share but all deals) it is tagging the new registered referred players from the date when the new deal has gone live. It does not back date past referred players. Therefore your current commission has possible contribution from the past deal(s) and the activity towards it along with current activity of the new deal. A partner can view campaign progress according to rate cards which will highlight the variances.


Which payment providers do you offer for commission payments?
The following payments options that we provide are: Bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. If you want to suggest any additional payment option, please do let us know.
When is commission payment done?
Commission is calculated twice a month (1st and 15th of the month). This calculation is based on the previous period (or till the beginning if no commission calculation was done before).

Example: 1st April Calculation is for the activity period of 15th till the 31st of March. If the account had generated activity in February but only managed to fulfill all commission and payment requirements until the end of March then the activity period will be 1st February till the 31st March.

What are the payment requirements?
All details within the ‘Account’ section of your account needs to be filled in correctly. Both ‘contact details’ and ‘payment details’ are mandatorily required. If there is something missing or not verified, then you will be presented with a notification in the ‘Account’ section, informing you that payment is not possible due to incomplete information.
What happens if I don’t fill in my details in time?
Not to worry, this will then be recalculated on the next calculation period. Your commission is accumulative, meaning it will be added to whatever is also generated over the next period. We recommend checking your details before a calculation period to ensure all is correct. Partners completing their details on the 1st and the 15th will not be included in the calculation period and will be included on the following period.
Is there a minimum commission payment amount?

Yes. This is 50.00EUR per commission calculation period. If the amount is not reached within the said period, then please do not worry as the amount will then be carried over to the next period(s) until the 50.00EUR amount is cumulatively achieved.

How long does it take to receive the money?

After the commission calculation dates (1st and 15th of the month), typically we take 1 business day for checks followed by the duration of payment transfer which can take up 3 business days at most. The best case scenario is that payment funds are delivered to a partner’s account within 24hrs; however our terms state a maximum of up to 15 days grace period to settle payments.